Immigration 1

What have you learned so far in this unit that has affirmed, challenged, or extended your understanding of Immigration in the US?

Before I discuss what I feel has affirmed, challenged, or extended my understanding of immigration so far, I will discuss my prior knowledge towards immigration. I have never really been taught just immigration. I have the common knowledge that many people have access to, but I do not think I have been truly taught immigration. Common knowledge is difficult to decide when it comes to immigration. Immigration has many topics that are opinion-based, meaning that everyone may have their own different lens when it comes to that specific topic. Topics like the benefits of immigration, or certain immigration policies, people may have their own opinion on those things, making the common knowledge of immigration different from the typical common knowledge. To be honest, now that I am really thinking about it I might have but just do not remember, but if I do not remember clearly what was taught to me I did not find it to be something worth remembering, or I just forgot. Recently it has become a more prevalent issue within the U.S. and within the conversations I have been involved in politically because of Donald Trump, but before that immigration was not something I really discussed with anyone outside of a classroom, and I do not really remember talking about it inside the class that much either. Before talking to Ms. Smith, I thought I had a good basic knowledge on immigration, but I do not really. I said that I knew about border control and the basic benefits and issues of immigration, but I do not know the whole issue with each of those topics. When Ms. Smith asked me to explain those topics, I realized that I was going to have trouble doing so. Also, with the knowledge that I already think I have, I am not confident with, so when asked to explain in this post, asked to go further, I was not confident in writing out what I thought I knew. The immigration that I know more about is immigration from Central and South America. I do not really have any knowledge about immigration from places like Africa, Asia, or Europe. The only other immigration that I knew about before we started the unit was the issue of refugees, which is something that has interested me.

This unit I feel as though I have gained a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. When we had the class discussion trying to figure out what our essential questions would be was when I began to understand the complexity of immigration. Before that class I did not really know about the depth that immigration goes into, and the specific parts that make up immigration. All of the information that we discussed in that class has extended my knowledge on immigration, as has most of the work we have been doing in class. I would not say that anything has challenged my understanding of information, just extending it. I did not really know that much about modern immigration before starting this unit, so there was no too much information to affirm but my prior knowledge, but the basics we went over affirmed what I had already known.


3 thoughts on “Immigration 1

  1. Hey Carli,
    I think that your post was very eye-opening because it reflects that not many people know most of the history of immigration. When you mentioned how people make opinions before knowing the actual information, I related to it so much because I have noticed this about other historical topics also. It was great reading you blog!


  2. Like you, many people lack understanding in the area of immigration. Immigration is a very large topic with many smaller issues and caveats, thus making it reasonable as to why so many people are acknowledged in this area. Immigration is never something that will be easy because of the overgrowing differences in opinion within our country today. I think that it is really great that you are learning more about immigration. Perhaps you will be able to take your new found knowledge and mount reasonable arguments for your stance on immigration. No matter what you decide, you will at least have factual evidence. That is one thing I HATE, when someone starts talking about something they have no evidence for. I enjoyed reading your post.


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